jewelry by art-ture studio

Art Jewelry for everyday


Arden creates handcrafted art jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind and available in limited edition series. Arden who is trained as an architect is inspired by the structural steel connections of bridges and buildings and the moving parts of a clock and watch.  The artists work can be purchased at many locations throughout the United States.

Arden works with polymer to craft her unique one of a kind and limited edition pieces. The polymer is mixed with metal powders to produce unique colors and textures. It is rolled and blended to create slabs and coils. Textures are rolled onto the polymer and an overlay/cut away process is used to add depth and pattern. She hand cuts and forms geometric shaped elements that are layered and formed into small objects. The objects are cured and fired at a low temperature, then burnished, buffed and drilled. The process involves eight/ten steps. Each design is limited to a ten piece series although the conceptual design is repeated many times using an endless combination of similar designs and color ways.